Mcool music player


Minimalist local music player for Windows, transparent, borderless and buttonless.




  1. Portable, free, open-source software (Delphi, MIT open-source license). Operating System: PC Windows XP / 7 / 10 / 11, 简体 / 繁體 / English / Unicode
  2. Minimalist, transparent, "no interface, only music".
  3. Optimizes for local lossless music playback. Powered by Bass library, with excellent performance and high quality sound effects. Modular design, can be highly customized.
  4. Supports lightweight media library, lyrics and visual effects. Allows to be minimized to the system tray, takes very few system resources, suitable to listening to music when working.
  5. These features come from user suggestions: tag editing, automatic switching list, play queue, mouse gestures, equalizer, audio device selection, the global volume wheel (over systray), font settings, minimalist mode, mouse transparent, pin to desktop and simple layout.
  6. Supports APE / FLAC / WavPack / MP3 / OGG / TTA / TAK / Musepack / AAC / AC3 ​​/ WMA / Wav / CD / ALAC / Aiff / MOD / CUE (almost all local music formats from lossness to lossless, and supports video formats by plug-in)


minimalist, local, lossless, music player, transparent, open-source, windows, pc


3360: Dynamic background (gif image), it is the only music player with this function at present. Perfect edition, recommended to download. Update History


Mcool is an extremely simple and cool lightweight music player. by AppNee

Mcool is a very lightweight music player which also has a very unique user interface. Unlike the majority of popular modern music players, Mcool’s interface is completely transparent with only a very thin white border being visible around it. The application also doesn't have any menus, which might confuse some users after running Mcool player for the first time. by ilovefreesoftware

This music player is amazing as it brings simplicity to the extreme having almost no interface but yet it is rather powerful as it provides support for almost any thinkable audio format (it can play the rarely used True Audio- TTA and even Cue sheets), while being truly portable makes it an ideal companion for any external flash drive for easy playing of almost any audio file (there's no support for only extremely uncommon lossless audio formats like Lossless Audio- LA, OptimFROG- OFR, Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor- TAK, and Shorten- SHN). It does not offer many options and customizations since it aims at being a 'bare bones' player entirely relying on a few hot keys (not extremely customizable). All it has to offer is some built-in colour themes (available at left-click just below the playlist, which feature is not documented in the Readme file), the simplest possible progress bar (no time elapsed/remaining), transparency, stay on top, equalizer and associations but its portability, stability and its huge number of supported formats make it a nice music player for those, who (like me) enjoy minimalism. by smaragdus

Mcool is a piece of local music player which proves to be useful when listening to songs, with a good response time and minimal CPU and memory usage. by Softpedia


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